RWS h.w. 11.5.18

  1. Some of the main claims made by Boyd is that there is a strong divide between the “digital natives” and “immigrants” and that technology and the lack of overall education about social media and technology is stregnething the divine between the two groups, which is counter productive for innovation and the future.
    1. Another claim that Boyd makes that I found interesting was about the girl from Massachusetts who claimed that she “never used wikipedia” because she had been told by her teacher that the information was not true. Boyd counters this claim by saying that there are differences between a site like wikipedia and a search engine like google. In Wikipedia, people can edit the page and add false (even if they believe it to be true) information. In the case of google, the websites employees do not typically assess the quality of the pages being presented when you search for something, so to some extent, are the same beaus they can both feed you false information.
  2. The overall argument that Boyd is making is that although the “younger generation” grew up with technology at their fingertips and have seemingly endless knowledge of technology and the internet, they in fact only know what they need to, and often have limited knowledge of technology and the internet overall. This leads to confusion from the older generations due to the fact that since adults assume that millennials have unlimited knowledge about technology, there is miscommunication between the two generations regarding technology and the internet. her claim is best summed up in the quote “It is dangerous to assume that youth are automatically informed.”

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