RWS h.w. 11.01.18

  • Identify the main claims, as well as any passages that struck
    you are particularly interesting, provocative, or confusing.
  •  Does anything Boyd says relate to your own experience?
  1. The main claim in this piece is that although the “younger generation” grew up with technology at their fingertips and have seemingly endless knowledge of technology and the internet, they in fact only know what they need to, and often have limited knowledge of technology and the internet overall. This leads to confusion from the older generations due to the fact that since adults assume that millennials have unlimited knowledge about technology, there is miscommunication between the two generations regarding technology and the internet. her claim is best summed up in the quote “It is dangerous to assume that youth are automatically informed.”
  • some passages that I found interesting was on page 180, where Boyd emphasizes learning environments where they prioritize furthering their knowledge in technology, “Although youth are always learning as they navigate these systems, adults— including parents, educators, and librarians—can support them further by helping turn their experience into knowledge.” (Boyd 180). I found it refreshing that Boyd acknowledges the fact that both kids and adults have a lot to learn about technology, and implementing this into learning environments can help both generations expand their knowledge on a vast and mostly unknown field of study.
  • something that struck me as interesting when I was reading was that Boys herself is a member of what she calls the “older generation” but she is speaking in defense of the younger generation and their technological abilities. It is refreshing to hear someone recognize and defend the fact that though it may seem like like teens today know how to do everything on the internet,  and in my experience, I only know what I absolutely need to, and I haven’t bothered to branch out and learn more about technology/ the internet itself. Our knowledge of the internet only begins to scratch the surface of all the information that is out there.

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