RWS Essay #2 Body Paragraph

Emily Richards

RWS 100

Professor Chris Werry

October 17 2018

RWS Essay #2

It seems like in today’s culture, one cannot go a day without hearing some sort of opinion on the impact of technology, and whether or not technology is overtaking our lives. In the article titled “I invested early in Google and Facebook. Now they terrify me.” by Roger Mcnamee, he makes the claim that “large social media and internet companies have faced a series of scandals over the past few years around issues such as privacy, monopoly power access to consumer information, fake news and media manipulation” (McNamee).

Initially, McNamee does admit that social media has had a vast array of positive effects social media has had on our lives, but the positives do not outweigh the plethora of negatives. He introduced this idea when he says, “while the conveniences of smartphones has many benefits, the unintended consequences of well-intended  product choices have become a menace to public health and to democracy” (McNamee). McNamee asserts his claim that the advertising aspect of social media is poisoning our minds, and creating an unwanted bias and influencing our political decisions. The author’s main claim is not that social media is the main issue, but the advertising that comes with it “the fault lies with advertising business models that drive companies to maximize attention at all costs, leading to ever more aggressive brain hacking” (McNamee). He makes the claim that social media itself is not the main issue, but the advertising that sways us to believe certain things and change our opinion and bias.


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